Everything you need to know about Wizz Air [Cheap plane tickets]

Everything you need to know about Wizz Air [Cheap plane tickets]

We like flying low-cost. We like it even more when companies like Wizz Air puts the priorities of the modern man at the heart of its mission. In a world where mobility is one of the greatest needs of the time, Wizz Air satisfies it with plane tickets at the lowest possible price.

In this article we will introduce you to the great Wizz Air company and you will learn the following things:

  • About Wizz Air
  • Wizz Air destinations available from Romania
  • Wizz Air luggage
  • Wizz Air check-in

Without further ado, let's dive straight into it!

About Wizz Air:

Wizz Air is a Hungarian low-cost airline, known as the fastest growing airline in Europe. It was founded in 2003 and currently offers more than 1100 routes to more than 190 airports in 51 countries in Europe, with the number of destinations increasing every year.

Wizz Air uses only new and modern Airbus A 320-200, Airbus A321Iceo and Airbus A32Ineo aircraft, and to keep airfare costs low, it uses secondary and less crowded airports in major cities.

The company offers passengers the opportunity to travel affordably anywhere in Europe, and thanks to such low prices for plane tickets, the company is at the top of the preferences of many who fly out of necessity. Those who don't have to fly are inspired by the opportunity to explore the world at a bargain price and choose to do it for fun.

Wizz Air destinations available from Romania:

In Romania, Wizz Air flies from 11 airports and offers direct connections to several popular destinations, such as:

Flights from Cluj-Napoca to → Vienna, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Antalya, Dubai, etc.

Flights from Iasi → Tel-Aviv, Copenhagen, Santorini, Bologna, Barcelona, Liverpool, etc.

Flights in Bucharest → Brussels, Prague, Dortmund, Athens, Milan, Maldives (stopping in Abu Dhabi), etc.

Flights in Timisoara → Frankfurt, Zakynthos, Bari, Madrid, London, Brussels, etc.

Wizz Air luggage:

The offer of a basic Wizz Air ticket already includes a hand luggage of maximum 10 kg, which must fit under the seat in the aircraft. And if you wonder how to fit everything in your hand luggage, we have some tips&tricks for you on how to keep your backpack/small suitcase organized. Passengers who prefer a larger bag can purchase it separately with the help of additional services. The cost depends on the weight, the way of purchase, but also on the season in which you travel.

If you are wondering how much a Wizz checked bag costs, for example a 20kg one could cost you between €25-40 and a 32kg checked bag could cost you around €45. The maximum weight allowed for checked baggage is 32 kg and cannot exceed the following dimensions: width 149 cm, height 119 cm and length 171 cm.

Wizz Air check-in:

Airport check-in service is not included in the price. That's why Zbor24.ro agents take care to carry out the process of online check-in, free of charge, for each individual passenger.

Also here, on Zbor24.ro, you can find plane tickets available for all Wizz Air flights. You can use the interactive calendar to select flexible dates and analyze which days have the lowest rates!

If you need help booking, contact us. Your personal travel assistant is available 24/7.