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Loyalty Program

Welcome, dear traveler! We are glad that you are with us. Want to travel and save at the same time? Use BONUS Points! Bonus Points are special virtual points that allow customers, registered on the site, to purchase plane tickets with up to 99% discount.

= 1 euro
You can benefit from the bonus program only if you are registered on the site.

How do you earn Bonus Points?

With your registration on www.zbor24.ro, we welcome you with 25 euros - GIFT, directly to your account. Afterwards, you get 1% cash-back from the value of each transaction. You can use the money accumulated from the cash-back in the form of discounts when purchasing future plane tickets, to any destination. And this is not all. For the holidays, you get extra Bonus Points that will apply to your balance and increase your discount.

Be among those who choose to travel by profitable plane. Benefit from reduced prices and fly advantageously anywhere in the world!