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Brussels - Capital of Belgium

Brussels is a captivating city, a true architectural and cultural gem, harmoniously blending its glorious past with modern life. This cosmopolitan capital of Belgium is a paradise for art lovers, history enthusiasts, and, of course, for foodies.

The Culinary Riches of Brussels

  • Belgian cuisine is renowned worldwide, and Brussels is the ideal place to explore this culinary richness. From famous dishes like French fries (frites), moules-frites, and fine chocolate to various types of craft beer, this city will tantalize your taste buds.
  • Don't miss the chance to savor authentic Belgian waffles fresh from one of the many bakeries in the city. Also, be sure to visit the famous chocolate shops, where you'll find true masterpieces made from this delicious ingredient.

Unmissable Historical Attractions

Brussels is a true lesson in living history. Admire the architectural beauty of the Grand-Place, included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Explore the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula, an extraordinary example of Gothic architecture. Don't miss the chance to see the famous Manneken Pis, a statue that has become a symbol of the city.

Picturesque Itineraries

To fully enjoy the Brussels experience, we recommend the following picturesque itineraries:

  • Craft Beer Bar Tour: Discover an impressive variety of craft beers in authentic local bars. From blondes to dark and fruity beers, you're sure to find the perfect brew for you.
  •  Route of the Most Famous Chocolate Shops: Exotic delicacies and refined flavors will delight your senses on this route, where you can sample the finest chocolate products prepared by master chocolatiers.
  • Museum Circuit: Explore Brussels' fascinating past by visiting museums such as the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Musical Instruments, or the Beer Museum.

Whether you're passionate about art, history, or simply want to tantalize your taste buds, Brussels will offer you an unforgettable experience.