Rules and Useful Tips for Carrying Cigarettes on Airplanes

Rules and Useful Tips for Carrying Cigarettes on Airplanes

Traveling by plane involves following strict rules regarding the items you can take with you in your hand luggage or checked-in luggage. Among them are restrictions on the transport of tobacco products such as cigarettes.

In most cases, you are allowed to carry a limited number of packs of cigarettes in your hand and checked baggage, 2 packs to be exact.

It is also essential to observe all smoking restrictions throughout the flight.

Helpful Tips for Travelers:

  • Keep cigarettes in their original packaging:

Keep cigarettes in their original, sealed packs to avoid suspicion at customs.

  • Place packs of cigarettes in hand luggage:

The temperature and pressure in the passenger cabin are more suitable for preserving their quality compared to checked baggage.

  • Check the rules of the airline you are flying with, to avoid any unpredictable situation:

The rules regarding the amount of cigarettes you can take with you vary by country and airline!

  • Analyze local legislation:

In some countries, there are strict limits on the amount of cigarettes you can export, and exceeding these limits can lead to penalties. Make sure you are aware of local laws to avoid problems upon arrival.

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  • Declare cigarettes if they exceed the permitted limits:

If you carry more than the duty-free allowance, you must declare them to customs and pay any duties.

  • Be properly informed about the transportation of e-cigarettes:

Transporting electronic cigarettes in checked baggage is prohibited. Make sure the device is closed and switched off and the vape liquid is kept in containers of maximum 100ml each, stored in a transparent bag.

Remember! It is strictly forbidden to use cigarettes on board the aircraft or during the flight, regardless of their type.

Do not forget to check the updated rules of the airline and the country where you are going to travel with Zbor24, after you have bought the most affordable Air Tickets. Make sure you are informed and prepared to comply with all required regulations.

The Zbor24 team wishes you pleasant and carefree travels!