What medicines can I take on the plane?

What medicines can I take on the plane?

A recent study found that 58% of travelers take at least one medication a day. This means that most of us are faced with the following question: what medicines can I take with me on the plane?

For a smooth and safe flight, it is important to know the rules for carrying medicines by plane

You can carry medicines in both hand and checked baggage, and you can take almost any medicine on the plane if you have a prescription.

Per general purpose drugs such as anti-inflammatories, antihistamines, antiemetics and others, there is no written rule prohibiting their carrying. You will thus be able to withdraw the necessary amount for the entire duration of the trip without any worries.

Sedrugs with special regimen (antibiotics, narcotics, pills for oncological pathologies, sleeping pills, insulin, etc.) a doctor's prescription or a medical letter is required proving the real need for their use, in which the name of the patient, the ingredients and the prescribed dose mentioned, in an international traffic language or in the language of the country to which you are travelling. Furthermore, it is good to have the medicine in its original packaging with the name, composition, but also the expiry date as visible as possible.

Just as checked baggage can be delayed or lost, it is recommended that you carry special regimen medications in your hand luggage so that they are on hand in case of an emergency. In the case of medicines accompanied by a medical letter, they will be accepted even if packaged in containers larger than 100 ml, but not exceeding 1 liter overall. Make sure you tell the agent. Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) from the start of the check (the area where hand baggage is checked).

Don't forget to calculate the necessary amount of medicine for departure and to take a supply in case of an emergency. You can store the reserve in your checked baggage, but take care to pack your medicines carefully to prevent them from being lost or destroyed, as checked baggage is often exposed to mechanical action during the flight.

Finally, keep in mind that there may be restrictions depending on where you're traveling, and traveling with medications requires planning.

Zbor24.ro recommends that you contact the local embassy of the country you are traveling to to check the regulations regarding the transport of medicines and to travel safely.