How to carry cosmetics in hand luggage on the plane?

How to carry cosmetics in hand luggage on the plane?

Have you booked your plane tickets and are flying to your dream destination? Excitement fills the air as you pack, but there is a dilemma – How to transport your precious cosmetics in your hand luggage?!

Well, we're here to sprinkle some wisdom on the subject and make sure you and your beauty products arrive unscathed.

So, how do we carry cosmetics in our hand luggage like a true pro?!

You already know that in hand luggage liquid cosmetics or any lotion, gel, creams, perfumes, etc., must be carried in containers of maximum 100 ml each. All containers must be placed in a transparent bag with a maximum capacity of one liter, and this figure must not be exceeded.

Now that we've cleared that up, let's look at some tricks that will help you safely transport your beauty arsenal in your carry-on on the plane.

1. Miniature cosmetics

Low-cost airline tickets usually only include one carry-on bag. Which means you'll have to carry all your cosmetics in miniature.

When it comes to cosmetics, think “small but mighty”. Miniature lipsticks, travel-friendly blushes and petite mascaras are your best friends. Plus, they're super mega cute too!

2. Ziplock bags

Clear zipper or ziplock bags are like a superhero cape for your make-up products on the fly!

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) requires passengers to pack their in-flight liquid toiletries in such a bag, so be sure to follow the airline's instructions for bag size (usually 18 cm x 20 cm).

If you want to know what other products you are allowed and what are prohibited to take in your hand luggage, read here.

3. Secure the lids

Imagine arriving at your destination and discovering that your favorite foundation has unleashed its inner Picasso on your clothes. Ugh..!

To prevent such artistic surprises and to maintain your peace of mind while flying, make sure to tighten and secure the lids of your cosmetics. Trust us, your wardrobe will thank you for it!

4. Cushioning is Key

Give your precious powders or delicate cosmetics extra care by adding a soft layer of protection between them. Place a cotton pad or tissue between compact powders and eyeshadow palettes to prevent unwanted creasing. Your favorite products deserve a smooth journey, just like you!

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5. Adhesive tape

If you have any rebellious mirrored eyeshadow palettes, you need your secret weapon – duct tape. Simply place a small piece of tape over the mirror, making sure it stays intact and doesn't splash you with an unexpected reflection. For dream trips, safety is indispensable!

That's all. When you fly, you embrace miniature cosmetics, ziplock bags and duct tape. With these easy tips up your sleeve, you can conquer the world while keeping your favorite cosmetics intact and always close at hand!

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Zbor24.ro wishes you a smooth and fabulous trip!