What is CHECK-IN?

What is CHECK-IN?

Check-in is the process of registering a passenger for boarding.

It is carried out before the flight and is a mandatory procedure for all low cost flights.

It consists of verifying identity documents and travel tickets, as well as issuing the boarding pass.

Online check-in saves you additional costs and reduces waiting times at the airport. Check-in at the airport carries an additional cost (20-50 EUR).

Registering online also gives you other benefits. For example, it allows you to select the desired seat on board the aircraft.

If you select a seat, online check-in becomes available for some airlines starting 30 days and up to 3-4 hours before your flight.

If you do not choose any seat, the online check-in procedure becomes available 24-72 hours before your flight, depending on the conditions of each individual airline.

If you book a plane ticket on our website, The Zbor24.ro agents carry out the online check-in procedure for you free of charge, and your boarding pass will be ready for download as follows.

Do you have any more questions about check-in? Contact us. We are available 24/7 for you.