The most unusual airports in the world

The most unusual airports in the world

In the world of air travel, there are airports that turn every takeoff and landing into a movie experience. If you are afraid of flying, you should probably avoid the following airports, while we will venture into their fascinating world and enjoy amazing views with the most unusual airports in the world.

Barra Airport, United Kingdom

Barra Airport in the United Kingdom is unique in the world of international airports in having three runways located on a public beach called Traigh Mhòr-Mhòr. These runways are set at different angles to allow for safe landings in crosswinds, and their ends are marked with LED-lit concrete rings. Twice a day, the runways are flooded by the sea current, making the airport unique and extremely exciting.

Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Netherlands Antilles

Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport in the Netherlands Antilles is notable for its short runway, measuring only 395.5 meters. It is considered the shortest airstrip in the world and is located at the end of a steep cliff, exposed to crosswinds. This airport has been included in the list of most dangerous airports. Only experienced pilots can land here, and Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport even got the first place in the ranking of the most scenic airports in the world in 2017.

Madeira Airport, Portugal

Funchal Madeira Airport in Portugal is known for its impressive expanse and the fact that part of the runway goes over a bridge over the sea supported by 180 concrete piers. The airport now serves aircraft from over 19 airlines, mainly from Europe. However, landing on the island remains a challenge due to turbulent winds and cliffs at the end of the runway. Madeira Airport is among the most dangerous airports in the world.

Gibraltar Airport, British Overseas Territory

Gibraltar Airport, located on the edge of the Gibraltar Peninsula, is known for its awe-inspiring location between the surrounding cliffs and the Mediterranean Sea. This airport is one of the most difficult and dangerous in the world, due to turbulent winds and sudden changes in weather. Its runway crosses a main road, blocking road traffic when planes take off or land.

Kansai Airport, Japan

Japan's Kansai Airport is a marvel of engineering and architecture. It was built on an artificial island to avoid land expropriations and to preserve space available for the economic development of the area. However, risks related to earthquakes and tsunamis make this airport one of the most technologically advanced and safest in the world.

Lukla Airport, Nepal

Nepal's Lukla Airport was built in 1964 and, since 2008, has been named after Tenzing and Hillary, the first people to conquer the summit of Everest. It is famous for its difficult and short airstrip located in the Himalayas. Pilots must land successfully on their first attempt as they are not allowed to make a second landing circle. The airport has no navigation instruments, so landings are only made during the day.

These extraordinary airports are an integral part of travel adventures and provide travelers with a memorable experience. If you're more adventurous, we invite you, when planning your next trip, to consider these unique destinations and be amazed by their beauty, adrenaline and innovation. For the best offers on plane tickets to these unusual destinations, you can check Zbor24.ro.