TIPS AND TRICKS for a bag organized

TIPS AND TRICKS for a bag organized

We have prepared a guide that will help you get all your bags organised. It all starts with good planning.

Tip: Don't forget to check the weather outside your chosen destination.

1. Choose multifunctional clothing items

A few items that you can wear in different ways and combinations will save you.

Adapt them to the destination and the activities ahead, as well as the weather.

2. Take thinner clothes

Bring clothes that you can layer. A t-shirt or leggings can be used alone or together, while a sweater offers only one wearing option.

3. Forget folding, roll

You save space and, at the same time, you will keep your clothes without the unpleasant creases resulting from folding.

4. Tenis fino in fondo

The easiest way to save space in your travel suitcase is to get rid of different types of shoes. For a holiday of a few days it is sufficient to have only sports shoes to wear.

5. Take small containers of gels and cosmetics

A set of containers can be used repeatedly. It transfers small quantities of the products you need, so you can even carry them in your hand luggage.

6. Keep your money, documents, tickets in different places

It's nice to have them on hand, but not all in one place. Scan the original documents and send a copy by email so you have them in electronic format in case of loss.

7. Don't forget a mini umbrella or waterproof jacket

It's optional, but it can save you from unexpected rain or snow.

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