TOP-7 destinations for children on June 1

TOP-7 destinations for children on June 1

Europe is full of sensational theme parks for children. And what better occasion to explore them together than Children's Day? Whether your child is into rollercoasters or is a fan of gentler rides, we have something for everyone!

Do you want to know which are the TOP-7 European destinations for children? Continue reading.

  1. Disneyland, Paris - No more words are needed to introduce this destination. For children, Disneyland is a dream come true. Even adults will find, among all the characters, some that will stir childhood memories. See cheap flights to Paris here.

  2. Legoland, Billund - The world's first LEGOLAND and the birthplace of the famous game (Denmark). A park suitable for the whole family, with dozens of activities for all ages, from the Montagne Russe to building your own Lego creations. See cheap flights to Billund here.

  3. Warner Bros Studio, London - Harry Potter. That's all that needs to be said to convey the excitement of this location. Can you imagine how cool it would be for your child to explore the magical world of Hogwarts School? Don't forget to reserve a place as early as possible, this tour is very popular. See cheap flights to London here.

  4. Gardaland, Verona - A paradise for both children and adults. With over 400,000 square meters of attractions, here children can "go on a space mission, travel through the jungle or even explore the depths of the ocean". See cheap flights to Verona here.

  5. Zoo, Vienna - One of the oldest in Europe and the world. Its history dates back to 1752, and today, it has the most modern technical supports, but also the best living conditions, as close as possible to the usual habitat of animals from over 700 different species. See cheap flights to Vienna.

    TIP: Traveling with children is always unpredictable, don't forget to check which medicines can be taken on board the aircraft.

  6. Portaventura, Barcelona - A huge theme park with six unique zones and over 40 thrilling attractions, including Furius Baco and Dragon Khan. For the little ones, you can find the Sesame Street area, and you can enjoy the street performances of acrobats and acrobats. See cheap flights to Barelona.

  7. Aquarium, Genoa - A great destination for ocean-loving families. The aquarium features over 70 tanks filled with marine life from around the world. Children can marvel at colorful fish, sharks, dolphins and even penguins. See cheap flights to Genoa.

We hope that this TOP served as your inspiration, and on Children's Day, this year, you will explore one of these wonders of the world.

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