Carriage of Alcoholic Beverages on Board the Aircraft: Rules and Restrictions

Carriage of Alcoholic Beverages on Board the Aircraft: Rules and Restrictions

Are you allowed to have alcohol on board the plane?! Zbor24 provides you with all the Rules and Restrictions regarding the transport of alcoholic beverages in hand or checked baggage!

The Transport of Alcoholic Beverages on Board Aircraft is regulated by general rules, respected by most airlines, but each state can impose its own specific rules.

That is why it is recommended to check the specific requirements in the country you intend to travel to, after booking the cheapest Airline Ticket Online!

If the country of destination has stricter than general rules, you will have to comply with them.

There are currently strict restrictions on carrying liquids in the cabin. Most airlines allow the carriage of liquids in containers of a maximum of 100 ml each, with a total volume of up to 1 litre.

Therefore, only miniature bottles of up to 100 ml each are allowed in hand luggage.

An exception applies to drinks purchased from Duty Free shops, properly sealed and packaged.

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Passengers traveling on direct flights whose destination allows the transport of alcohol may purchase alcoholic beverages from Duty Free shops and carry them on board.

However, alcohol purchased in Duty Free cannot be unpacked before reaching the destination.

If the flight includes a layover, the carriage of alcohol will depend on the legislation of the state where the layover takes place. Due to restrictions on the amount of alcohol that can be carried in hand luggage, most passengers prefer to carry alcohol in their checked baggage.

Most airlines impose the following conditions:

  • Drinks with an alcohol concentration below 24%: There are no restrictions on quantity;
  • Strong alcoholic beverages (24-70%): The transport of a maximum of 5 liters per passenger is allowed;
  • Beverages with an alcohol concentration over 70%: Transportation is prohibited.

Alcohol must be transported in containers intended for retail trade, which means the bottle must be properly labelled.

Remember! It is essential to check both the airline rules and the legislation of the departure, stopover and destination states to ensure that you comply with all applicable regulations regarding the Transport of Alcoholic Beverages!