Travel and save

Travel and save

What would it be like to travel and save money at the same time?

We want people to travel as often, cheaply and as interestingly as possible. The world is too diverse and extraordinary not to be explored and our love of travel inspires and challenges us to share these experiences with you.

To make this possible, we have created a special bonus program.

This program allows you to accumulate points with each booking and convert them into discounts whenever you feel the need.

With your registration on www.zbor24.ro, we welcome you with 25 euros (2500 points) - AS A GIFT, directly to your account. After that, you get 1% cash back from the value of each transaction which you can use to purchase future airline tickets. And that's not all. For the holidays you will receive bonus points as a gift, which will be applied to your balance and will increase the discount!

We let you in on a little secret:

You can book tickets for the whole family or a group of friends from one account. Thus, you will become the bonus recipient and collect the bonus points from every booking.

If you choose to create an account for the company you work for and assign all business travel to your account, you can acquire an even more generous discount, and with these points you can pay up to 99% of the cost of the airfare.

Don't forget, you will only benefit from the program if you are registered on www.zbor24.ro, then join us and create an account.

Be among those who choose profitable air travel. Enjoy cheap airline tickets, low prices and flights anywhere in the world!