Where to travel on the Easter holiday?

Where to travel on the Easter holiday?

As we trade cold winter nights for warm, balmy spring evenings – we want to make the most of our time outside. And what better way than by exploring Europe?

Around the Easter holidays, Romanians have the 14th, 16th and 17th of April - free. If you've been thinking about taking a break and going on a mini-vacation, do it now! It's the perfect opportunity! The free days are "punctuated" by a weekend, forming together a 4-day mini-vacation, from Friday to Monday.

Below are some destinations recommended by Zbor24.ro. Get inspired.

Barcelona, Spania

Barcelona is a city full of history and culture, but that's not all. Its rhythm vibrates day and night. In addition to parades and colorful neighborhood festivals, you will witness the religious customs that encompass the grandeur of the celebrations there. Plane tickets to Barcelona start from 115 euros.

Rome, Italy

If you want to feel even more connected to the divine, go to the Vatican. Explore the chapel of the papal palace and discover centuries of art, culture and history, but don't forget to savor the delicious cuisine for which Italy is known worldwide. Plane tickets to Rome start from 74 euros.

Athens, Greece

Athens is known for the most prolific monuments of our civilization. If you managed to climb the famous Acropolis, at the top of the hill you will see the most famous monument of Greece - the Parthenon, and it can't help but leave you a little speechless. Plane tickets to Athens start from 115 euros.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

One thing is certain: in April, all the flowers of the earth will be here in the Netherlands. And besides whole hectares of nuances and aromas, we promise you, your heart will gallop after museums, picturesque parks and boat rides on the canals of the capital. Air tickets to Amsterdam start from 139 euros.

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