Where to travel cheaply?

Where to travel cheaply?

If you are passionate about traveling, but you are always reluctant, and the budget is a decisive factor in planning them, it’s time to dispel the myth that for a trip like in the book you have to bathe in gold. You can explore the world with little money, and traveling gives you the opportunity to get to know new cultures, countries with beaches torn from paradise, vibrant cities full of history, but also traditions like you've never seen before.

In this article Zbor24.ro will give you some perfect destinations for budget travel. All can be explored throughout the year. So, check out the list below and get inspired for your next trip!


An often overlooked country, just because it's in the less prosperous part of Europe. But, take our word for it, this land beats even the wildest imagination. In addition to mountains, sea and fabulous landscapes, this small Balkan country also offers you countless possibilities for cheap accommodation, for which you would have paid hard money in another destination. See flight tickets to Montenegro here.


Armenia is a perfect choice for a budget trip and can even become one of the most active vacations, because you have many places to visit. As one of the first Christian civilizations, Armenia has a high concentration of temples and cathedrals, but also regions such as Mount Ararat, where Noah's ark is said to have rested after the flood. See flight tickets to Armenia here.

TIP: If you want to save on plane tickets, here are some tips on how to get cheap tickets, anytime.


Mountains, old towns, delicious cuisine and gorgeous beaches. Portugal has it all and at a much lower price than other European countries. The cities less invaded by tourists will give you the opportunity to discover this land like a real local and enjoy the traditional gastronomy of each region. Mmm... delicious! See flight tickets to Portugal here.


When you are looking for peace, go to Latvia - a perfect option at low prices. Its cities with medieval architecture, small houses, beaches and forests, give you that feeling of complete calm. Don't forget to taste the beer there. Latvia is renowned as a nation of beer lovers. So, you will have a wide selection and the choicest tastes. See flight tickets to Latvia here.

TIP: When traveling on a budget, a backpack with essentials is more than enough. Plane tickets already include a hand luggage of 8-10 kg in the price, so you have the opportunity to save. See what is allowed VS. what is prohibited to take in hand luggage.


Apart from its unique culture, Albania is here to amaze us with some of the most beautiful European beaches, wonderful hiking trails, delicious cuisine and fabulous scenery of the Alps mountains. Here you can fully enjoy a holiday in any season of the year, and the prices are half of those in Croatia or Greece. See plane tickets to Albania here.

With the visit of these destinations, we guarantee you, the taste of travel will gain momentum. These countries are worth exploring, and if you want a getaway full of glamor and adventure, book a plane ticket now and travel with pleasure!